Startup Weekend Bahrain Success Story – Yazin Al-Irhayim


We sat down with Yazin Al-Irhayim, founder of White Payments and winner of 2011 Startup Weekend Bahrain. Here’s what he has to say about his experience at Startup Weekend!

“So Yazin, Tell us about your project pitched at Startup Weekend. Was it the original idea or did it transform from something else?”

The project I pitched was Charitime. The concept was simple: instead of donating money, what if we could donate time? Time is money, right.


“How has your experience at Startup Weekend been? What were your biggest challenges at the event?”

Startup Weekend was awesome. I’d never done anything startup-related before then, and a year later, I quit my job and started doing it full-time. Ideas change, but once you’re bitten,  it’s hard to go back to your desk.

“Are there any crucial topics a startup team should focus on and discuss with mentors?”

Know how you’re going to make money. Then make money. If you can work out a business model, and then get customers – no matter how few – during the weekend, you’re the KING.


“Based on your experiences, what advice would you give to the entrepreneurs who are going to participate this year?”

Have fun! It’s not often that you get to meet (and work!) with random people. Who knows, you might even find a cofounder or two 😉